Tinie Tempah visits million-pound mansion in extraordinary expansions


Musician Tinie Tempah has become a real estate developer and showcases his expertise in his new Channel 4 series, Extraordinary Extensions.

With a keen interest in real estate and design – having built an extensive portfolio of properties and refurbished her own London pad – the new series follows Tinie as he meets homeowners who are building beautiful, but often radical, home extensions. and “external”.

In tonight’s episode, the singer visits a mansion in Knightsbridge with a mega basement extension, costing £ 11million.

In an exclusive clip, Tinie can be seen speaking to ultra-premium multi-millionaire real estate developer Kam Babaee, who is developing the property’s opulent basement extension in Knightsbridge – Amberwood House.

The property in question, which Kam initially bought for £ 22million, was the former home of ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn and previously housed the Panama Embassy.

Extraordinary extensions
Channel 4

It is a 5000m3 double storey basement with spa, commercial kitchen, disco room, cinema, swimming pool, gym, sauna and hairdresser, with interior design by Nicola Fontanella.

Entering the spa area, Tinie jokes with the owner: “You must have taken out all the marble in Italy for this place.”

” Quite close ! Babaee laughs then.

“I went to spas in my day, Kam, but this is the next level,” adds the rapper.

Tinie later walks into the unfilled pool, telling the owner, “Yes! Wow! You know from this point you can actually get a good idea of ​​how far you’ve dug. Being able to dig that depth and still have all the light you have in it. Can I just say, you definitely did. I haven’t seen anything like it! I’m standing in the best pool I’ve ever been in. There is no water in it and I am still satisfied.

Also in the episode, Tinie meets a couple in Hertfordshire, who double the footprint of their Grade II listed flag, the size of 3 double-decker buses, with a huge underground extension.

You can watch the full clip below.

Extraordinary Extensions airs on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV guide or visit our entertainment center for the latest news.

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