This TikTok hack for longer ponytails gives us Ariana Grande vibes


TikTok has pretty much become our full-time MUA (well, for the most part. We probably won’t be trying peach-skin nails or bleached hair anytime soon).

He showed us the ‘lifting’ contour effect, taught us how to fake an eye lift and get thick, fluffy lashes, and even convinced us to (almost) try using a fake tan as a pencil. lip (no, really).

So, this being the unofficial summer of updates, we were pretty excited when we saw a ponytail hack go viral on TikTok. Enter ‘the double ponytail’.

All the ponytail inspiration you need for the best hairstyle of your life – from sporty and sleek to romantic and messy

Posted by @beautyhacks, The Double Ponytail Tutorial is so popular it got 6.2 million views and over 500 comments, viewers commented, “So that’s how Ariana does it ! ” and “Well, that really changes your life!”

So how do you do it? The double ponytail hack involves tying your hair into two ponytails, one on top of the other. The higher ponytail conceals the top of the second, where you secured it with a hair elastic, and because the second ponytail is positioned lower on your head, it gives the illusion of longer hair. long, while maintaining the highest ‘snatched gaze.

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TikTokers advises using a comb to evenly part your hair into two ponytails, and use it to comb the hair back when you tie to avoid flyaways. You can also use a hair clip to secure the first ponytail when you tie the second.

Although the reviews prove that the double ponytail hack isn’t exactly new – many say “I’ve been doing this for years” and “I know this trick, I do it too” – it’s definitely a change. for us, and we can’t believe we’ve never thought about it before!

A long but pulled ponytail without extensions? Sign us up. Queen Ari would be proud.

Half up, half down hairstyles are great for those days when you are content with ABCs with your hair, but still want it to look chic.


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