Improve Your Style: Your Guide to Choosing Hair Extensions


In a world full of style choices, nothing should stop a woman from exploring all that is available to her. And the hair is at the center of this style revolution. You might be thinking that a certain style that you love so much cannot be achieved with your hair type. Not true! With the evolution of clip in hair extensions, no hairstyle is impossible for any woman. With hair extensions, you can achieve the perfect length and volume with minimal maintenance and damage to your natural hair. Unlike wigs, you don’t have to worry about an itchy scalp or worry about your hair sticking out of the wig and ruining the look.

Here are some tips for choosing your ideal hair extensions:

Choosing between different types of hair extensions

The two types that you can choose from are natural hair or synthetic hair extensions. In an ideal situation, choosing a natural hair extension is better than a synthetic one. But natural hair extensions can get quite expensive and can limit your options. In comparison, synthetic hair extensions are made from fine natural hair-like plastic fibers. These can be a cheaper alternative, and with them you can have a lot of playgrounds to play and experience.

But, the downside to synthetic hair is that these extensions get tangled very easily, and untangling them can be a real tedious and time-consuming task. The natural hair extension, on the other hand, is made with real human hair from donors. This hair lasts longer, has a silky texture and doesn’t get tangled so easily.

So, choose a natural hair extension if you intend to wear extensions regularly. And if you don’t use it as frequently, you can go for more economical synthetic extensions.

Choosing between different types of hair extensions

Halo Extensions

These simple extensions rest on your scalp using a discreet thread. It’s just a single extension covering the entire head, and these extensions are a great place to start if you’re new to hair extensions.

Clip-on extensions

They are very versatile extensions that allow you to integrate them perfectly into your hair and give a very natural look. Clip in extensions are supplied as wefts with clips. Wefts can have different lengths and styles to choose from, and this is the main reason why these extensions are so versatile. Also, depending on the style you want to achieve, you can select the size and style of the weft.

Band Extensions

These are very similar to a clip in extension, but instead of using clips to secure the wefts, ribbon extensions use tape to hold the wefts in place. And just like clip-in extensions, they come in different sizes and styles.

Pre-glued extensions

They are semi-permanent extensions, and they use strong adhesives, glue or keratin to give their permanence. But, these extensions only have a lifespan of up to six months, so be very careful when choosing pre-glued extensions. Also, it is better to choose natural hair extensions for these types. But the downside is that the adhesive and the process of adding this extension can damage your natural hair. The weight of the extension also puts considerable stress on your scalp.

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance your hair and boost your style quotient. With the advent of extensions like clip-in hair extensions and pre-glued extensions, the possibilities are limitless. But with great style also comes great care. You must take proper care of your extension to increase its longevity. Also, don’t forget to condition your extensions every now and then so they don’t get tangled. After washing your extensions, let them air dry naturally instead of blow-drying them to avoid heat damage. And with the right choice of extension and the right care, you can effortlessly achieve your dream hairstyle day after day.


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