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IKitchen started its journey in October 2020 and introduced the idea of ​​a satellite kitchen for the very first time in Bangladesh. Being part of a generation that is unconditionally in love with food, we just had to know what it was all about.

“When we explore new places, food is an important part of our experience. Our goal is to have a virtual restaurant that replicates that experience without you having to leave the house,” explained Romi F Ahsan, Founder and CEO from IKitchen. .

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So, is IKitchen just another name for cloud cooking? Not enough. Cloud kitchens are made up of restaurants sharing a virtual space for delivery-only meals, often in conjunction with delivery services. However, IKitchen cooks and delivers the food to you themselves.

A total of 16 people, chefs and assistants, make up the kitchen team and aim to bring the authentic flavors of Lahore, Lebanon and traditional Bengali cuisine. With no artificial flavors, no store-bought sauces, the team works hard to create every element of these dishes from scratch.

The order can be placed via Messenger, SMS or direct call. You can even opt for a video call and interact directly as you would in a regular restaurant.

IKitchen aims to keep the individuality of each kitchen intact. Although it is difficult to acquaint people with the foreign taste of a well-known dish like nihari or biriyani, the appreciation afterwards should be rewarding. In fact, after some mixed reactions initially, “Lajawab Mutton Nihari” is now one of IKitchen’s best-selling dishes.

The “Levant” section of the menu consists of absolutely mouth-watering dishes from Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Whether it’s the juicy halabi chicken or the lightly charred beef kefta, the charms of Lebanese cuisine are simply irresistible. If you are a shawarma lover, chicken or beef shawarma is a must for you.

While Lahori and Levant allow us to experience foreign cuisine, the taste of “Dhaka” takes you back in time. The food is prepared in the most traditional way with hand ground spices and the taste is sure to hit you with nostalgia.

The “twist and yum” is made up of wraps and rolls, adding a fusion fast food section for the younger generation.

Do you feel like hunger strikes the hardest when you’re at work? Well, IKitchen has it covered. Their lunch boxes feature compact 1:1 proportion meals from all three cuisines. You can place your order directly from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays and the lunch will be delivered to your office. The rest of the items are available throughout the day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“IKitchen started and grew in the middle of the pandemic. When you said you couldn’t go to the food, then we thought very well – we’ll bring the food to you,” Ahsan said, concluding his our conversation.

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