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Getting Halloween candy is often a last-minute idea. You don’t really think about how much it costs, it’s a candy. How expensive can it be? You just want to grab a bag so the kids don’t surprise you with empty hands on Halloween night. Not so fast though! There are a few cost saving tips you should know before shopping to get the best value for your money.

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The good moment

A survey has shown that the best time to buy Halloween candy is exactly four days before. If you wait until Halloween eve to buy candy, you end up getting the most expensive prices, survey shows. So if you go on October 27 and keep the rest of these tips in mind, you’ll save a lot of money.

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Coupons are your friend

Coupons that arrive in the mail are easy to throw away, but during the month of October, these can save you a good chunk of change. Stores are all competing for the best deal on candy, so you’re bound to see the prices drop early in the month. Even if you don’t keep the coupons in your mailbox, you can search online for deals at your local grocery stores on all the high-end brands so you can be recognized as the best candy house in the neighborhood. Sites like allow you to view coupons from stores in your area online, then “clip” them to save them for use in the store via the Flipp app.

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Take advantage of discount apps

Discount apps and browser extensions can save you money on your purchases, even when shopping in-store. Ibotta is an application (which can also be installed as a browser extension), which allows you to collect money on everyday purchases. Cash 51 is an app that allows you to earn money specifically on gasoline and groceries, while Collect rewards gives you cash back on any store or restaurant receipt you upload to the app. These can all help you lower the cost of your candy shopping, so make sure you use them all on your next shopping trip.

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Go beyond the halloween aisle

Stores advertise their Halloween candy with specifically branded signs and packaging, but non-spooky treats are always an option – and often, they’re a cheaper option. Check the “regular” candy aisle and compare the prices with Halloween candy before making a decision. Often there is a better deal on candy that is not in season. This can be especially true for full-size candy bars, which when purchased in bulk can cost less than a huge bag of Halloween candy. Plus, you will get the added bonus of all the kids telling you how cool you are for giving full size candy.

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During the Halloween season, stores will run an offer if you buy multiple bags, rather than buying just one. Take them on! In the worst case scenario, you end up with candy all year round, and honestly, that sounds more like a positive than a negative.

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Try the candy-free route

It is not mandatory to donate candy. Amazon, The Dollar Store, and Oriental Trading sell small, Halloween-themed toys and trinkets in bulk. Sometimes it ends up being as cheap as three cents per toy. Also, when you choose to give toys instead of candy, you avoid giving potentially irritating candy to children with food allergies. There is even a program where you can identify yourself as a home that offers something safe for kids with allergies. Through the Teal Pumpkin Project, you can place a teal pumpkin on your doorstep and place yourself on an interactive map to let allergy sufferers know you have something they can enjoy stress-free.

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Refuel for next year

The absolute best deals? The day after Halloween. While that won’t help you this year, you’ll be ready for next year after getting up to 75% off candy when you shop on November 1st. The candies stay fresh for about a year, as long as you keep them. in a cool place and hand it out next Halloween, you are in the clear.

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Last updated: October 20, 2021

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