Hair Extensions: How To Wear Glue In Extensions Like Celebrities.


You should always use a good beauty balm or protein cream on your hair after washing, especially if it is prone to heat damage and split ends. They help restore health, smoothness and improve handling.

  • Schwarzkopf, OSiS, Soft glam prime preparation spray, £ 10.75, available in the living room

This spray is perfect for extensions that tend to get tangled easily. Minerals help separate knots while protecting hair from blow-drying heat and UV rays.

Hair extensions at Inanch London start from £ 300 for hair and £ 300 for candidacy. To find out more, click here.

If pre-glued extensions aren’t your thing …

We tried the new Gold Class Luxury Clip-In extensions and loved them.

Finding a good set of clip-on extensions can be VERY tricky. Whether it’s the color you can’t match or the texture you can’t stand, finding a natural medium can be a long process and it’s not always achievable. The worst … the application. Unless you’re a trained professional (or someone who’s been wearing them for years) who knows where to put those damn things!

The Gold Class range is quite revolutionary in our eyes. The hair itself is on par with their award-winning pre-glued hair, smooth and fabulous. The weft comes in the form of a single piece, proving not only very easy application, but also maximum volume.

With 15 colors to choose from, all perfectly blended, natural highlights and low light have never been easier to match and create.

Although they are a bit expensive, RRP. £ 490.00, coming from someone who has a lot of experience in clip-in hair, the investment is well worth it. Having to spend on a new set every two months is NOT ideal.

Gold Class clips are available online or at select retailers.

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