Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Adhesive Hair Extensions


If you’ve ever had the idea of ​​getting hair extensions, you’ve probably come across the duct tape type. I had been considering getting a set myself for about a year and finally decided to give them a try in May.

After reading about my current hair routine, you will know that i am growing long healthy hair. You may also find that at one point I invested a lot time, money and energy to grow damaged and overtreated hair. As a result of this, I had instead become attached to my natural, undamaged hair (which has since had a layer of color, oddly enough) and found myself limited in my options for experimentation.

I used to cut, dye and change my hairstyle frequently and struggling with the urge to do so became tiring to say the least. About four years ago, I took hot styling out of my routine completely (except for special occasions) and it turns out that there are only a limited number of asymmetrical bangs that you can use to keep things interesting.

So, I thought to myself why not buy the hair of my dreams? I had saved a huge amount of money by avoiding color treatments and because it was so healthy I only had it trimmed 3-4 times a year. It seemed like a win-win; I would have the instant gratification of getting long, thick, shiny locks as my natural hair continued to grow. Finally, I wouldn’t even need the extensions.

As per my usual routine, I went into search mode. I watched YouTube videos regularly and scoured company reviews with a fine tooth comb to see what to expect. I had already written off keratin related extensions due to the price and the stories I had heard about hair breakage. Seams seemed the most uncomfortable option to me personally and clips were never interesting as I was looking for something more semi-permanent. Adhesive hair extensions have a reputation for being the least damaging form of extension, provided they are properly installed.

As a lover of healthy hair and new to hair extensions, I thought it might be helpful to share my experience with you. There have certainly been some surprises in my mermaid hair effort so if you are thinking of making the purchase, read it first.


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