“Even Jimmy Butler knows Kyle Lowry has a wagon!”: Heat fans rejoice after new addition Markieff Morris mocks their All-NBA forward in hilarious clip


Jimmy Butler, Markieff Morris and Kyle Lowry enthusiastically participate in one of the best NBA videos to go viral.

The Miami Heat sport a very different look than the team that qualified for the 2020 NBA Finals. There haven’t really been any major changes to their roster. Their base trio of Jimmy Butler, Bam and Duncan Robinson have all signed extensions. However, there have been a few worthy additions to increase the depth of their list.

Kyle Lowry replaces Goran Dragic in their roster as they look to come back for another playoff run. Another forward who will have a huge role to play in the 2021-22 NBA playoffs is Markieff Morris, given his physical form.

Lowry and Mook both have championship winning backgrounds – in fact, both are very recent champions as well. This allows Jimmy Butler to bank on a wealth of courage and courage that was not on their list before.

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Their additions also allow Butler to express himself in a wilder way than usual. The chemistry he’s built with their current roster is on full display in the clip below.

Heat fans rejoice after new addition Markieff Morris pokes fun at Jimmy Butler

Kieff grabbed a rebound and accelerated in transition for what should have been an easy bucket in the Heat’s preseason game against the Celtics last night. It ended up being an easy bucket, but Markieff didn’t really seem to be in control of the ball.

Most nights, this clip could have gone unnoticed by his teammates. Because after all, Mook managed to get the 2 points, right? Wrong. Jimmy Butler thinks otherwise, and he didn’t wait too long to laugh at Mook.

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Kyle Lowry seems to have lost his way with this particular incident.

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