Dive deep into the multi-million dollar business of the hair weaving and extension industry


The hair weaving industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and, having mainly women as the target market, it is bound to be a big hit.

The global hair weaving market has grown at a CAGR of around 10% during the period 2014-2019, according to ResearchAndMarkets.com, and is expected to grow even more fairly over the next five years.

Hair weave is an artificial hairpiece that is attached to the wearer’s natural hair by interweaving, gluing, fusing and blending. It can be made from real human hair or it can be made synthetically by artificial blended fibers.

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A hair weave improves the volume, length, color and texture of natural hair. While many women use them, men also consume these products, but in different forms.

To install them, some people can opt for clip-in hair weave, sew it into the hair, or if you prefer not to have it for a while, they can glue it.

The growth of the hair industry is driven by some factors such as improvement in physical appearance, increasing demand for non-surgical hair loss treatment, increasing demand to camouflage baldness and the emergence of trading platforms. electronic.

In addition, the growing acceptance of hair weaves and extensions by global celebrities on social media are increasing a high demand for them. Accessibility also plays a role in the growth of the market, as consumers can now buy the products in stores instead of buying online.

Human hair extensions are also popular because they are made from real human hair taken from a donor’s head. One of the best brands in the industry is Hidden crown by celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan.

Celebrities who usually go for this brand are journalist Elaine Welteroth and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The halo crown adds temporary length without any gluing, weaving or gluing.

Then there is Indicates hair extensions which has been the go-to place for women wanting quality hair extensions. The company has more than seventeen physical locations in the United States, including South Africa.

They are a sought-after brand because of their variety of quality textures. The brand offers over 21 different curly textures and is dubbed the Fenty Beauty of natural hair extensions.

The next one is Great lengths, a brand that uses 100% quality Remy raw hair from India. Each bundle comes from one head, which means you have the same texture in all of the hair.

Unlike other companies, this brand is transparent about the origin of their hair. The clientele includes Mindy Kaling and Madeleine Petsch.

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