Best Irish Hair Extensions For Your Hair & Pocket From $ 280- $ 1000


Hair extensions have become a big deal in Ireland and with so many of us choosing to enhance our crowning glory with the help of extensions, it can be difficult to know exactly where the best place to go is.

We have compiled a list of the best hair extension brands in Ireland with all the information you need.

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Great lengths

Hair origins: 100% human hair, fully traceable from India.

Great Lengths works with three different branches to ensure that the best quality hair is chosen.

Women donate their hair to temples as part of their religious beliefs. The temple then sells the hair, and the money raised is donated to the community who donated it for such things as medical care and schooling.

Once the extensions have reached the end of their lifespan, the hair can then be donated to “The Little Princess Trust” charity so that it can be used to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss. hair.

Extension type: Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions and Tape (GL Tapes).

Longevity: Pre-glued extensions last 3-5 months on average. GL tapes last approximately 6-8 weeks and can be re-glued up to three times.

Cost: 40 cm Half head 75 strands: 795 € Full head 125 strands: 995 €

The cost of Great Lengths extensions varies due to hair customization.

Deletion: The price varies as it depends on each individual salon.

Why choose us? Extensions have not been scientifically proven to damage the hair. In addition, all stylists are trained to be able to customize application techniques according to hair type. Long lengths ensure that all certified stylists have been trained and evaluated to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to apply the extensions.

Platinum Hair

Hair origin: 100% human hair. All hair is ethically sourced from Italy.

Platinum has studied the production process extensively and has examined, researched and developed the products according to the wishes and needs of the customers.

Position type : Pre-link and Pixie-links

Longevity: 3 to 5 months by applying keratin bond. Our pixie-link extensions need to be professionally readjusted every 6-8 weeks, but the hair can be reused if desired.

Cost: Full head: 390 €, Half head: 320 €

Both include free shaping and cutting shaping service.

Moving expenses : Moves cost around € 50 and usually take an hour for a full professional service.

Why choose us: Platinum promises a luxurious experience at an affordable price that meets many requirements such as half bonds for those with super fine hair, chic short styles or full of glamor.

Hair spray

Hair origins: Human hair and synthetic hair. Many brands are available including the lacquer brand. The hair spray clips are sourced from India and China, which are ethically sourced.

Extension type: Pre-glued and micro beading (Clip-ins also available)

Longevity: About 4 months

Cost: Full head: € 345 Half head: € 315

Moving expenses : 25 €

Why choose us? Hairspray was the first company in Ireland to offer extensions to the general public. We buy in much larger quantities, thus getting a better price so that a better price can be offered to customers.

Elite Hair

Hair origins: 100% human hair, the hair is sourced from all over the world according to the color. The hair retains 100% of the cuticle and is never produced using acids or bleach to lighten the hair.

Extension type: Invisibonds and Invisilinks

Longevity: Invisibonds: 12-16 weeks, Invisilinks: 12 weeks

Cost: Full head: from 310 € Half head: 280 €

Moving expenses : Invisibond brushing included is 70 €, Invisilink brushing included is 50 €

Why choose us? We have something for most budgets and we offer a free full consultation to every client.


Hair origins: 100 percent human hair ethically sourced from Russia.

Position type : Keratin bonds and mini micro balls.

Longevity: Typically, the microbeads last 3 to 4 months. Keratin bonds last 4-5 months

Cost: Full head: pearls € 370 Half head: pearls € 270

Full head: keratin 450 € Half head: keratin 300 €

Moving expenses : Pearls: 20 € Bonds: 30 € -50 €

Why choose us? Quality extensions at a reasonable price. They are suitable for all hair types, are very light on the hair and do not feel heavy. The application technique is the most important thing in keeping your natural hair healthy.

Gold fever

Hair origins: 100 percent human hair sourced from Indian temples. As part of a religious ceremony, the hair is donated and sold with permission from the temples. The funds generated are used for the construction of schools, hospitals and other charitable causes. This has been thoroughly researched and verified by numerous media sources.

Position type : Protein Tips

Longevity: 5-6 months

Cost: May vary by salon and amount of hair required.

Full head: from around € 820. Half head: from around € 720.

Moving expenses : According to the show

Why choose us? Gold Fever locks of hair are thick and luxurious, all the way through strands without stringy ends. They remove short hairs to allow luxurious volume right down to the ends.

Peter marks the abduction

Hair origins: The extensions are created from ethically sourced 100% human hair.

Extension type: Band Extensions

Longevity: They need to be repositioned every 6-8 weeks, the same hair can be reused. Repositioning takes less than an hour.

Cost: Full head: from 420 € Half head: from 220 €

Why choose us? Lightweight, easy-to-wear extensions that use a patented banding system to attach to your hair meaning there are no beads or sticking and therefore won’t drag on your natural hair . They are a good option for people with thin hair.

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