Best hotels in Mexico City (Updated July 2021)


Faqs: Mexico City vacations

What is the best time of year to visit Mexico City?

Mexico City has a temperate spring climate for most of the year. Summer is usually the low season as it rains more, but prices remain fairly constant throughout the year with the exception of peak periods like spring break, Easter, and the holiday season.

Is Mexico City Safe?

Biased reporting will often try to scare American travelers away from Mexico in general, but Mexico City is a cosmopolitan city that is both safe and secure. and dangerous depending on where you are – just like New York, Paris or London.

Street intelligence and caution should be exercised and some neighborhoods, as tourists, should be avoided altogether. That said, I felt extremely safe in all of the areas mentioned in this hotel guide, both walking around during the day and as a single woman taking an Uber at night.

How do I get around?

Mexico City is well served by the metro and Uber is also an easy option here with reasonable prices. It’s a huge city ​​however, so be aware of Mexico City traffic when planning your trip.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to travel to Mexico?

As of this writing, no, you don’t need a COVID-19 test to enter Mexico, but your airline may require it. However, you do need a COVID-19 test to return to the United States.

Some of the larger hotels, like the Four Seasons and the W Mexico City, organize third-party testing on-site for you. Others arrange for you to be tested at an accredited facility nearby. Both come at an additional cost, so factor that into your budget.

What are the best things to do in Mexico City?

CDMX is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in world. Each trip there makes you want to explore more. Not only is it teeming with novelty, but Mexico City resonates with the spirit of its ancient past and of Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital on which it was built.

Be sure to book a hot air balloon flight over Teotihuacán to see the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, and the surrounding site of the Ancient City of the Gods about an hour north of Mexico City. This UNESCO World Heritage Site dates from around 100 BCE. I booked a sunrise hot air balloon ride with Volar in Globo and it was a spectacular experience.

When you see photos of Mexico City, you always see brightly colored Xochimilco boats, taken from tours of Mexico City’s Floating Gardens. Far from a tourist trap, it’s bright and energetic and many of my local friends have noted that this is the “real” way to do it Xochimilco. Book a tour of the Xochimilco Canal to see these waterways originally built by the Aztecs. You will also see how the daily life of Mexico still revolves around them.

Food, fashion and fun are my 3Fs to offer when visiting Mexico City. Capital of design, Mexico City is full of incredible boutiques. Some of my favorite shopping and dining spots are in Polanco. Meanwhile, don’t miss Condesa’s galleries and Rome’s boutiques featuring Mexican designers. Enjoy the outdoor markets in San Ángel, the great vintage shops at Goodbye Folk in Roma or the upscale Mexican designers at Lago DF in Polanco.

And don’t forget to bring extra checked baggage to bring home all your local finds.

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