An expert guide to extensions


Having been around for many years, extensions have recently become a staple for many customers for a number of reasons. Not only by following the fashion trends, extra hair is a solution for those who experience hair loss or perhaps thinning hair – there are different systems for the problems – and can be a fantastic way to help them. achieve their hair goals.

Multi-award winning stylist Michelle Griffin has just launched her new line of extensions, Loxbox, and with over 30 years of experience in the hair extensions market, presents us with the various extension methods available to customers today. hui and answer your questions!

Micro Ring

Micro Ring Extensions have recently become one of the most sought after methods, due to the ease of application and the discreet attachment method. Each strand is applied using a small coated aluminum micro-ring that sits snugly against the head when attached. The hair is pulled through the single link and held in place by applying pressure with a clamp.

Application time? About two to three hours

How long will they last? With proper follow-up, these can last up to a year.

Are they hot applied? No

Maintenance required? Every ten to twelve weeks, clients should make a maintenance appointment to have the micro-rings repositioned at the root.

Hot bound

Hot Bonded Extensions are one of the original methods and are still the favorite of many stylists and clients alike and are categorized as a more bespoke method as you can make bindings in different sizes to match the client’s natural density.

Application time? Two to four hours full head

How long will they last? Ten to 12 weeks before maintenance is required

Are they hot applied? Yes

Taped weft

Recorded frames, also known as “tapes”, are becoming increasingly popular with many customers due to the speed and versatility of the application process. They are a fantastic way to add volume and length to hair in record time. The tapes are glued together in a soft, flat and flexible adhesive header tape. The natural hair is positioned between the two pieces of ribbons and secured.

Application time? Applied in 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

How long will they last? Up to eight weeks with appropriate follow-up

Are they hot applied? No heat is required


Pre-glued extensions are still a very popular method, as the bonds are made with Italian keratin and can be reused by simply applying new tips of keratin. There are also hot and cold methods of pre-glued extensions. UTip, NailTip or FlatTip keratin is pre-bonded which is attached to natural hair by heat fusion or vibration forming a solid bead. There are several removers that, using tweezers, will break the bond and remove hair.

Application time? 1.5 – three hours

How long will they last? These can last up to 12 months, with maintenance required every 12 to 16 weeks.

Are they hot applied? No

When customers opt for extensions, we are often asked a number of questions regarding the process. Customers want to know the ins and outs, and find out the best way for them, their hair, and their lifestyle. Here are the most common questions we receive during an extension consultation and the answers.

michelle griffin hair extensions

How to maintain my hair extensions?

We always advise clients to use sulfate shampoo and conditioner and moisturizers to care for their extensions. After each wash, a small amount of oil should also be applied to wet hair before brushing to keep hair hydrated. We provide a tracking tab in every set of our extensions.

Will extensions damage my hair?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from customers. When the extensions are applied and removed by a trained professional, there should be no reason for your natural hair to be damaged. During the consultation, your stylist should establish the method that suits your hair and matches its strength. Teach your client how to take care of her hair extensions and it will eliminate any worries or problems.

Should I let my hair rest between extensions?

If you follow the right aftercare advice, you won’t need to take a break between extensions. More often than not, many of our Loxbox customers prefer to have their extensions removed and reapplied the same day to make sure their hair still looks great.


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