7 easy-to-DIY winter hairstyle trends



  • This winter, it’s time for exciting new hairstyle trends.
  • From bubble braids and sleek ponytails to glamorous waves, these hairstyles will transform your look.
  • Learn how to create winter hairstyles at home with the guidance of three professional stylists.

On our summer hairstyle moodboard you’ll find claw clips, beach waves and extra long braids, but our winter hairstyle moodboard is a whole different vibe. Effortless, undone hairstyles give way to chic and refined styles and updos that pair perfectly with turtlenecks. Even our hair accessories are getting a facelift as we start to incorporate more luxurious materials and embellished clips.

We started dreaming about all the winter outfits we are going to wear when the temperature drops and matching hairstyles to match, but it’s always nice to get more inspiration from the hair category. Even though it’s still early days, the pros have already started thinking about winter hairstyle trends, and luckily for us, they’ve decided to share their findings with the group.

From bubble braids and sleek ponytails, tousled backs and glamorous curls, three hairstylists break down the top winter hairstyle trends you need to know and share tips on how to create them at home, future.

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