What to do with your money? Pay Debts or Invest?

If you accumulated four salaries, you can withdraw the surplus. Spend it? Pay debts? To invest? The options are many, but you must choose according to your profile.

If you have many debts

In this case, the recommendation is to use the money to cover your debts. Remember that, the earlier you cancel them, the less interest you will pay and therefore, you will generate savings. The best thing you can do is list the debts with the highest interest and cancel those first. If the money is not enough, focus on canceling the highest.

If you have no debts, but no savings

If you have no debts, but no savings

In this case, before giving yourself a taste or starting to invest, try to build your emergency fund. It is advisable to have an average of four salaries saved and with the withdrawal of the surplus from your CTS you can start to collect it. For this, make sure you choose an account that pays you good interest, so your money will grow.

If you have an important expense in mind

If you are free of debt and you also manage a certain level of savings, you can use this money to give yourself a taste or make some important expenses that you have in mind, such as buying an electronic, a trip, etc.

If you want money to grow more

If you want money to grow more

Start investing! Try mutual funds or purchase shares, and if you’re from the most conservative profile, Fixed Term Deposits will be ideal.

Now, if you still cannot withdraw any surplus because you have not exceeded the four salaries, there is something that you can do with your money and it is to place it in an account that pays you good interests, so, throughout the year it will continue to grow and, when you touch make the withdrawal, there will be more cash available.

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