As a Danish resident in Denmark, you should take out a Danish loan. Typically, you will not be able to take out loans abroad at all, as it requires a country of residence address and a local bank account. However, Denmark has plenty of quick loans to choose from.

The many providers make it possible to borrow sums from USD 500 to 400,000, and usually you yourself have a big influence on the term of the loan and how much you pay off per month. Some loans are easy to get, e.g. SMS loans and mobile loans, while larger consumer loans require a more thorough credit rating.

If you live as a Dane abroad, either permanently or for a period, you can apply for a loan in that country. Please note that the conditions can be very different from Denmark. Here in the Nordic countries, however, the terms are typically fairly similar, and often the same providers offer loans in Norway and Sweden.

Borrowing money abroad with Good Finance

Borrowing money abroad with Good Finance

In the surrounding countries it is not an obstacle to taking out loans with Good Finance – as long as you have your domicile and bank account in the country. If you live in Sweden, you can apply for Swedish loans, and if you live in Norway, you can apply for Norwegian loans. You will find that both the loan process and the terms are similar to Danish loans, so it is both easy and quick to apply for and get answers to quick loans here in the Nordic countries.

It may look different if you are a resident of other countries. In any case, you should be well acquainted with the rules for loans in each country and the terms of each loan, so that you do not suddenly risk signing something that you did not really expect or want.

Loans abroad


You can always search online for loan providers in exactly the country where you live. Below you can see some of the most popular loans in Norway and Sweden respectively.

If you are a resident of Denmark, it is not recommended to try to take out a loan in Sweden or Norway. It may be possible in certain places, but it is not in accordance with the terms of the loan and is therefore in fact a breach of law. If you live in Denmark, you should apply for a loan in Denmark.

Loan money abroad despite RKI

Loan money abroad despite RKI

In most countries you will be able to borrow money even if you are registered with RKI in Denmark. This is because private loan providers typically do not investigate cross-border payment remarks. However, some providers that also have branches in Denmark may investigate and claim that you are not registered with RKI in Denmark.

Most countries have a register of poor payers, similar to the Danish RKI. Common to the different countries is that you are often not eligible for a loan in the country where you are registered as a poor payer. However, there may be exceptions, just as you can occasionally find small quick loans and SMS loans where no questions are asked about RKI in the loan application.