How to plan to finance my first car?

The purchase of the first vehicle always generates a great emotion, you spend a lot of time seeing options, imagining what your life would be like having that vehicle and the places where you would go.

Imagining is the first step, it is what motivates you to take action to realize that thought, but; What do you have to do to get my first car? Although it sounds obvious you need money, either because you have it or you must go out to look for it, in this second option go to Good Finance and request a financing, to do so you must plan as follows:

Take care of your credit history

Take care of your credit history

Credit history is the door that can open or close financial opportunities, so you should always take care of it.

Call Good Finance and ask for the dates they will participate in vehicle fairs.

Knowing the dates allows you to know what time you have to program yourself and take advantage of good facilities. 

Save for the initial


The initial of the vehicle is your capital contribution to acquire this new asset, therefore, the more capital you have saved the better it will be for you. Four.

Choose the fee that suits you best


The fee you are going to pay depends on the amount you are going to finance and the term to repay the loan you choose.

You can finance up to 90% of the value of the vehicle, so if you have money saved, allocate it to the initial payment and the term decreases. 

Plan the expenses

Plan the expenses

After having the amount of the fee, plan the recurring expenses (Gas, cleaning, maintenance and insurance) and put in your budget the amount that you will allocate monthly for the vehicle.
Take these steps into account and make a smart purchase!

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