Are you still thinking that keeping your money under the mattress is the best?

Gradually people understand the importance of saving and every fortnight, they separate a percentage of what they receive to add to their fund. So far, everything is fine.

Thinking that keeping your money under the mattress

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The situation is complicated when we see that many of these people still believe in pigs and piggy banks; that is, they save the money they save at home, ignoring all the opportunities they lose.

What’s this about?

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We must understand that, although our parents have taught us to save on the pig and keep the money under the mattress, that is no longer an option. Basically, you not only put your savings at risk, but prevent them from growing.

A natural disaster can occur at any time, as well as a fire, flood or something that affects your home, which is exactly where you keep that money. On the other hand, what would happen if they come to steal you? Is your hiding place so secret that no thief would decipher it?

But it doesn’t end there

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So nothing happens and your home is the safest on the planet, having the money from your savings with you, you make it lose value. How?. Things constantly increase in price. What you paid for a bread three years ago, is not enough for the same today. Then, to overcome inflation, your money must grow, and by having it with you, you will not have the opportunity to do so.

That is why financial instruments such as the famous savings accounts or fixed terms are the ideal allies to make it grow. After knowing this information, do you still think that the mattress is the right place for your savings?

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